Wonderful Losers: A Different World

“Wonderful Losers. A Different World"

“Nuostabieji lūzeriai. Kita planeta"

(71min. – Documentary, video, colour – 2017)


Warsaw Film Festival – Best Documentary 2017
Minsk Listapad Film Festival – Grand-Prix for Best Documentary 2018
Minsk Listapad Film Festival – Audience Award 2018
Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Award – Best Lithuanian Film 2017
Trieste Film Festival – Best Documentary 2018
National Lithuanian Film Awards – Best Documentary 2018
National Lithuanian Film Awards – Best Composer 2018
National Lithuanian Film Awards –People’s Choice 2018
Baltijos Banga International Film Festival – People’s Choice 2018
Ulju Mountain Film Festival – Best Exploration & Adventure film 2018

Written and directed by: Arūnas Matelis

Script researcher and consultant: Edita Pučinskaitė

Directors of photography: Mark Olexa, Audrius Kemežys, Ivars Zviedris, Arūnas Matelis, Simone Rivoire, Valdis Celmins, Griodano Bianchi, Giacomo Becherini

Editor: Mirjam Jegorov

Composer: Alberto R Lucendo

Sound mix: Raf Enckels

Designers: Kostas Radlinskas (colour correction), Jonė Zakaraitė (visual effects)

Sound: Raf Enckels, Kostas Radlinskas, Arūnas Matelis

Produced by: Arūnas Matelis and Algimantė Matelienė (Studio Nominum/Lithuania)

Co-produced by: Elena Filippini, Stefano Tealdi, Edoardo Fracchia (Stefilm/Italy), Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi (Dok Mobile/Switzerland), Bram Crols, Mark Daems (Associate Directors/Belgium), Uldis Cekulis (VFS Films/Latvia), Deaglan O Mochain (Dearcan Media/Northern Ireland/United Kingdom), Jeremiah Cullinane (Planet Korda Pictures/Ireland), Rafa Moles, Patricia Velert, Pepe Andreu (SuicaFilms/Spain)

About the film:

For most of us, the cyclists riding at the back of a race are simply losers. They are called water carriers, domestiquesgregarios, who sacrifice their careers and forego personal victories so their team leaders can win. They have no chance of victory. What drives them on to keep putting their bodies on the line through excruciating pain and demoralising anonymity? Arunas Matelis followed these Sancho Panza’s of professional cycling for 7 years during the prestigious Giro d’Italia and revealed the unseen world from the point of view of the doctors’ team. Our bike heroes crash, rise — and race again.