Back to the Dreamland

,,Back to the Dreamland”   

“Kelionės namo"

(60 min., Documentary, 2019, Studio Nominum)

“Back to the Dreamland" is a charming and breath-taking story about the experiences of American Lithuanians during their first visits to the occupied homeland. What they saw and how they felt seems strange and difficult to understand today, since after fleeing Lithuania during the WWII, the refugees maintained a romantic and slightly naive image of their motherland.

Director Ramunė Rakauskaitė

Writer Ramunė Rakauskaitė

Cinematographer Kristina Sereikaitė

Editor Audinga Kučinskaitė

Producer  Algimantė Matelienė

Creative producer  Arūnas Matelis

Composer Domas Strupinskas