Back to USSR

"Back to USSR"

Produced by: Studio Nominum (Lithuania)

Development supported by: Lithuania Film Centre

Script and director: Ramunė Rakauskaitė

Producer: Algimantė Matelienė


Have you ever been mesmerized be an escape story, an adventurous, breathtaking and risky search for freedom and pursuit of a dream?

This film is about the no less arresting return after the escape.

In 1960's, the American Lithuanians, who have departed Lithuania in the interwar period, finally have the opportunity to visit their motherland. They queue for hours to get a visa, tuck away their cameras and take off to their dreamland. However, in the years of their absence, Lithuania has become a Soviet country with a parallel reality The nostalgic wind tousled meadows, old wooden houses of ancestors, and nesting storks have given way to soviet machinery, ideological symbols and absurdity of the everyday. Though shocked, the expatriates endeavour to visit the country beyond the permitted 50 kilometers from Vilnius. Men dress in female garments and undertake odd adventurous journeys, documented on amateur cameras and photographs.