Didn’t Come

"Didn’t Come" (20 min., Documentary, colour, 35mm., 1999, Nominum).

Directed by: Henrikas Šablevičius

Screenplay by:  Henrikas Šablevičius

DOP: Vytautas Survila

Sound: Viktoras Juzonis

Editing: Vanda Survilienė

Produced by: Arūnas Matelis


Provocative director's self-portrait, filmed at the artist home. What those, like reanimated, items, souvenirs and books waiting for? Who is the one who didn't come? This film is like the director's confrontation with himself. The camera is like an invisible spirit "walks" around his home, capturing the book's spine, the various parts of the world - even the most distant and exotic - resemble souvenirs.  Film "action" takes place in one room and breaks the location and space convention, it becomes like a mystery of waiting, unfolding in the eyes of viewers. However Šablevičius characteristic irony don't hide anywhere, because it's the easiest to suspect that the one who didn't come- is an inspiration.