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Palm Springs

Palm Springs International Film Festival is one of the most important cinema events in the United States. This festival is like a warm-up before the largest and most important cinema awards - Oscars. Palm Springs International Film Festival is being attendant by the biggest stars in cinema and films that are shown at this festival are often nominated to Oscars. Arunas Matelis film ‘Before Flying Back to the Earth’, which was shown at Palm Springs festival, [more]

Festival de Cannes

During the 64th Festival de Cannes, Europe also celebrated 20 years of the MEDIA program. Since its launch in 1991, the MEDIA program has been a huge success story, helping bring many superb films to the screen, including more than a dozen Oscar and Palme d'Or winners. The support of [more]

59th Directors Guild of America Awards

Arunas Matelis was given exceptional international acclaim at the 59th Directors Guild of America (DGA) Awards for his documentary feature ‘Before Flying Back to the Earth’, which earned him one of the most important prizes in film industry - the DGA Award for ‘Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary’. The prize for ‘Outstanding Feature [more]