Forward to the past

"Forward to the past"

Director: Artūras Jevdokimovas

Producer: Algimantė Matelienė

Film producer: "Kino kontora"

Co-operation: "Studia Nominum"


Documentary film "Forward to the Past" tells the story about young Lithuanians who are the representatives of accustomed to the convenience generation. They travel thousands of kilometers to pay tribute, to Lithuanian exiles eternal resting places in Siberia. This project has two objectives- use artistic language tools to summarize and professionally present historical memory project "Mission Siberia" which has been going on for ten years and actualize so-called the "Y" generation (young people born in the last decade of the last millennium) phenomenon- shocking / radical lack of public events. From the childhood hearing the stories of the older generations of the complex and challenging civic life, young Lithuanians are "programmed" to experience something adequate. One of these options - is for a public well-known "Mission Siberia" and more than 10 thousand young people expressed a desire to participate in. The project "Forward to the Past" is relevant not only for Lithuanians who are living in Lithuania, but also emigrants. This film, testifying about the young generation unique pilgrimage to a hostile regime deported ancestors eternal resting place.