Sunday. The Gospel According to lift-man Albertas

„Sunday. The Gospel According to lift-man Alberta's“ (19 min., 2003,  35mm., Documentary, colour).

Directed & Produced by: Arunas Matelis

DOP: Andrius Trukanas, Rimvydas Leipus, Vytautas Survila

Sound director: Viktoras Juzonis

Editing: Vida Buckute

Albertas, a lift-operator, sits all day waiting for someone to ring the elevator. His wait transcends his sense of community and symbolism, a sign that someone needs him. The film, rife with surreal humor, is the documentary version of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’.


The Directors’ Fortnight at Festival de Cannes

Rotterdam Film Festival, the Netherlands

Turin Film Festival, Italy

Trieste Film Festival, Italy

Ghent film festival, Belgium

Nordic Film Days in Luebeck, Germany


The Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers Award for Best Lithuanian film of 2003

Arunas Matelis about the film:

It is this incomprehensible Albert’s serenity and the ability of waiting. The shabby basement of the hospital, food ‘passing through’ the elevator, diseases, visitors, sometimes death and Albert working in this ‘hell’ around the clock. Or maybe it is not a ‘hell’, perhaps he can open the door for somebody, give them a lift to the gate of the Paradise as some St. Peter. Most of us would surely go crazy from this physically painful waiting, but Albert knows something we don’t and it doesn’t prevent him from feeling joy. Quite the contrary.