The Diary of Forced Emigration

"The Diary of Forced Emigration" (22 min, 1999, Documentary, Beta CAM– 1999,  Nominum).

Directed by: Arūnas Matelis

Screenplay by: Arūnas Matelis

DOP: Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Matelis

Sound: Domantas Vildžiūnas

Editing: Domantas Vildžiūnas


What does is mean "forced emigration" today? What is its smell and temperature. In the film one of the most eccentric of the "new era of the rich" Romas. M., wandering in his luxury (one of the most expensive US, which later was bought by world boxing champion M.Tyson) house. The film is like one day, perhaps, in already sinking"Titanic" and the film crew - like some of the ship's passengers. The main film hero Romas. M., avoiding media attention has agreed to be filmed, if the film crew do not show this film for three years. Three years have passed already, but our hero, unfortunately, somewhere incredibly disappeared and we can not find him.