The Special Need

"The Special Need" (2013, 84min., colour).

Director: Carlo Zoratti

Screenplay by: Cosimo Bizzarri, Carlo Zoratti

DOP: Julian Elizalde

Produced by: Henning Kamm, Erica Barbiani

Main Characters: Carlo Zoratti, Alex Nazzi, Enea Gabino


Enea really wants to experience love. Two Enea's friends - Alex and Carlo - decides to present him a birthday sex session. However, to implement this idea in Italy, with autistic disorder is not easy. So the trio is going to the more liberal European countries. They are visiting Linz, Zurich and Hamburg, more and more people help for them, and unexpected chain of events draws friends van farther from the original course.


Dallas International Film Festival - Grand Jury Award;

Italian Film Festival - the best film;

SXSW Film Festival - Audience apdovanonijmas;

Trieste Film Festival - Audience Award;

Leipzig DOK Festival - "Golden Dove";

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - Audience Award nominee;

CPH: DOX, Copenhagen - the official program participant;