"Three Lithuanian films in the largest British Documentary Film Festival"

"Three Lithuanian films in the largest British Documentary Film Festival"

June 10-15, 2016, in Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, Sheffield Doc / Fest"-  three Lithuanian films: directors Giedre Zickyte and Maite Alberdi film "I'm not from here", Zivile Maciulyte - "Joan" and director Arunas Matelis film "Gladiators. A Different World".


International Documentary Film Festival, Sheffield Doc / Fest is the third largest documentary film festival in the world and the largest in Britain, held since 1994. The festival stands out not only because of the impressive program, but also for organized meetings with main supporters of the documentary film and presentations of the new films ideas. In the festival a lot of attention is for young film–makers, opportunities to expose their abilities and learn form each other.

Giedres Zickytes and Maite Alberti documentary short film "I'm not from here" was shown in the films competition program. Also in Sheffield, it was a film premiere in United Kingdom. Giedre Zickyte participated in the festival not for the first time. In 2013 the director was invited with her film "How We Played the Revolution" and participated in the festival's best woman director competition.

The film „I'm not from here“ is the general Lithuanian and Chilean creators work and the first outcome of Lithuanian film center and Copenhagen documentary film festival mutual cooperation. This collaboration between the two countries began in the end of 2012, when it was signed an agreement for Lithuanian filmmakers participation in co-production film promotion program "CPH: LAB".

Another Lithuanian film in the festival program - it's director Ziviles Maciulytes documentary short film "Joan". Coped with the huge selection, the film was selected for the competition of the festival of student film program, which competes is 11 films from around the world.

Film "Joan" - this is the story about a girl name Joan, which completed the acting master studies and was ready to play in a Russian drama theater, but when the war began in Ukraine, she decided to go there. Joan gathers support for Ukrainian soldiers and transport packages to the war front. She tries to balance between the war and peace. The film - a journey between the two worlds, the limits, that everything in the world are intertwined - the war is there, but soon it could be "here". During the festival occurred a movie premiere.

In film Forum which is intended for professionals, Arunas Matelis presented his new film "Gladiators. A Different World". The film is in the final stage of production, so participation in the festival Forum, can facilitate the production and creative process and to find partners for future dissemination of the film.kadras-is-filmo-gladiatoriaikita-planeta-71516334

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