Baltic Way

,,Baltic way”   

“Baltijos kelias"

(10 min., Documentary, 1989, B&W, 35mm)

Directed by: Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Matelis
Sound: Viktoras Juzonis

Audrius Stonys about the film:

The film was born when we were in a big euphoria from possible freedom. All cameras worked only in one direction, filming the “Baltic Way". All Lithuanian operators rushed to capture what at the time seemed the most important thing. We also ran with the cameras, hungrily trying to capture the band of the freedom. But still, we can fell the sadness shade in the film. We do not know why it occurred, perhaps because of resentment that many did not receive the liberation day, maybe whispered intuitive feeling that these pure moments of happiness and brotherhood has an end.

After 10 years, it turned out that not everything is so simple and easy, to move towards independence – a complex process, and it is more spiritual than political. In time perspective I think the sadness in the film makes sense.