Charmed by Rusne

“Charmed by Rusne" 

,,Rusnės užkalbėti”

(2011, 25 min., Documentary, Nominum)

Directed by: Eglė Žemaitienė, Vitalija Lapina

About the film:

The film followed peoples of Rusne island whose lives intertwined with water – the element that adds and does not run. In this film – five short stories about the hero and their relations with Rusnė nature. Movie Heroes: the teacher, which every year  ride bicycles with her students in Rusne island, to count the storks. The ancient ship – Kurėnų and vytinių – a master who lives in the old authentic farm and avoiding to modernize it. The landlord of farmstead, she lives with her family to Pakalnės river. Informatician, every year fishing the smelts, a publisher whose last work was born precisely on Vorusnė coast. These people share one common feature – love the cruel, windy land, its nature and history.