The confession

“The confession"


(2008, 34min., Documentary, DVcam, colour, Nominum)

Directed by: Oksana Buraja
Script: Oksana Buraja
Produced by: Arūnas Matelis, Lukas Trimonis
Directors of photography: Viktoras Končius, Oksana Buraja

About the film:

“The confession" explores the creative nature. The first part of the film – Island of Crete – was created in 2007, as an independent work. The second part – “Confession" – is like an other half  of the Island of Crete, which reveals the reality of it as evidence of a rather cruel creative mechanism occasionally opens up even coercive elements. The author is trying to take a good look in the episodes that are often destroyed in the name of the film illusion creation.