Comdemned to Death


,,Comdemned to Death”

“Pasmerktas myriop"

(104 min., Documentary, 1999, Nominum)  

Directed by: Henrikas Šablevičius
Screenplay by: Henrikas Šablevičius
Director of photography: Laisvis Karvelis
Sound: Viktoras Juzonis
Produced by: Arūnas Matelis

About the film: 

The story is about of Soviet submarine captain Jonas Pleskis. Who escaped from the Soviet Union, it quickly became a legend novels and Hollywood movie hero. The film makers want to reveal the curtain of the legend and show what actually led Pleski’s to do so, as after his dangerous march through the Baltic Sea to the shore of Gotland island, he tried to settle in the United States, Latin America and he was forced to hide his true identity and how Soviet special services chased him. Witness stories reveals the personal drama of Pleskis, hints about the relationship with the woman he loved, longing for family, who remained in Lithuania.