Second Hand

Ever wondered where the clothes at your local second-hand shop come from?

“Second Hand"

(87 min., Documentary, 2019, Studio Nominum)

Britons, Irishmen and the newcomers of the islands often do not realize what is really hiding behind the imitations of big charity organizations like “Salvation Army". Flyers on every doorstep kindly invite to donate for handicapped children, women with cancer and the poor. However, most of the generous donations are being resold, loaded onto trucks and transported to the poorer countries for a new cycle of life.

The creative team of this film dives into the whirlpool of this murky business and meets vivid characters who experience cultural clashes, tragicomic incidents but manage to retain passion and sense of humour in the cruel and inhumane environment of their degrading work.

Director – Artūras Jevdokimovas

Screenwriters – Arturas Jevdokimovas, Arūnas Matelis, Ramunė Rakauskaitė

Producers – Arūnas Matelis, Algimantė Matelienė

Cinematographers – Vytautas Rimkevičius, Eitvydas Doškus

Editor – Alina Stankevič

Composer – Jokūbas Tulaba