Three hats

“Three Hats Under Three Skies"

“Trys skrybėlės"

(Documentary, 52 min., colour, Nominum, 2017)

Director: Ramune Rakauskaite

Producers: Arunas Matelis, Algimante Mateliene

Director of photography: Audrius Kemezys

Montage: Kostas Radlinskas

About the film:

It is a documentary film about three unique hat wearers, three vivid and distinct personalities – filmmaker Jonas Mekas, supermodel Kate Moss and singer Willie Nelson – as well as of their places of residence: New York, London and Maui in Hawaii.

As quirky as it might seem to some, the image of these well-known people is inseparable from their hats which are far from being only an occasional accessory for their public profile. Neither seasons of the year, nor various events or places separate these interesting people from their hats. The hat becomes an item through which the association about each of the characters is identified. This accessory as well as the living places of the heroes are the main elements for constructing the film story. Seemingly an accidental detail which joins them all together in fact creates a rare chance to look at the characters from a different angle and also sets up a space for deeper contemplations and inclusions over the joys of creation, love, destiny.